How to Use Leap Frog Theory to Grow Your Martial Arts Business

I first heard about the “jump frog theory” in Robert Ringer’s bestselling book “To Be Or Not To Be Distracted.” This book should be mandatory reading for every school owner.

The theory basically says that when you’re ready to go to the next level, you have a few options. You can patiently wait for someone to anoint you. You can stand in line and with the rest of the herd and wait your turn. Or, you can simply “Jump” through the pack to the front line and anoint yourself!

I guess I could give you lots of examples, but for the sake of time I’ll give you one you might know and some from my own life. You’ve all heard of Anthony Robins, the renowned motivational and self-help guru, right? He is a perfect example of the leap frog theory. I don’t know the exact details and timeframe, but I do know that he used to run his own small seminar in his area and he used to be open with a guy named Jim Rohn.

And “Jump!” From, what seemed like no infomercial on TV that quickly made him world famous and propelled him to the top. There may be another group of “talkers” who say I’m better than this person. “But he went upstairs, he didn’t get anyone’s permission which he just did and he’s still on top of that world. Usually after a few years of “normal” routine the “leap froger” just decides it’s time to do something small. faster How about you, have you decided?

Now a personal example. It was 1997 and I was 18 years old, fresh out of high school and starting my first semester at the Community College of Philadelphia. I became depressed because I realized that the course I had chosen did not interest me and after only one week of school I canceled my class and got a refund for my tuition. Feeling sorry for myself and really not wanting to end up like the kids in my neighborhood (by the way my group of childhood and teenage “friends” are dead) I asked myself “what do I know, what I like, and can I do that which is unique to me?” The answer came back.. “I can teach martial arts.”

That answer was all I needed and the timing was just right…because I went to my old martial arts school and started talking to my first instructor and he helped me open a small school that would become a branch of his bigger school (which by the way) by the way, by the time it really went down the tube, I realized this later. It was a good thing because it would play my next jump)

Anyway we opened a small karate school and within 6 months I “Jumped” from a confused high school graduate to a business owner. The next “leap” I took would come a year later when I “Jumped” from small school owner to place on the busy square and helped bring the school from an average income of under $10,000 per month to, just four months later. , income. grossed a little over $24,000 in one month. Basically from July to November 1999. And most importantly customers and clients are happier than ever!

The next “leap” in the martial arts biz came recently… Together with my colleague and friend, Brett Lechtenberg, we combined years of experience and formed the MA-Biz Secret Society which is a business community ONLY for sole independent school owners . We help us dominate their territory through innovative direct response and community based marketing.

Now don’t miss the benefits here… I’m not bragging! Actually, what I have done is not a big deal in the grand scheme of the universe. But please look at your life and find out where YOU want to “Jump”. Don’t wait for anyone to anoint you or give you rights, go ahead and “Leap!” Who knows. Maybe you’re ready to throw up the ladder and get to where you want to be at curvy speed!