Johnson & Johnson Mission Statement | Vision | Core Values | Analysis

Company: Johnson & Johnson
CEO: Joaquin Duato
Year founded:
New Brunswick 
Number of Employees:
Ticker Symbol:
Market Cap (August 2021):
$438.46 Billion
Annual Revenue (2022): $93.78 Billion
Profit | Net income (2022): $20.88 Billion

Products & Services: Band-Aid Brand line of bandages ǀ Baby products | Tylenol medications | Neutrogena skin and beauty products | Acuvue contact lenses | Clean & Clear facial wash
Competitors: Pfizer | Procter & Gamble | Merck | Bristol Myers Squibb |

Did you know? J&J mission statement had the name “An Industrial Credo” when it appeared in 1944.

Johnson & Johnson is a leading healthcare-based corporation providing valuable services and products to improve people’s health irrespective of geographical barriers. Launched in 1886, Johnson & Johnson has been passionate about improving people’s lives.

Three Johnson brothers established the American corporation to create and deliver surgical dressings. Since its creation, J&J has been growing exponentially and diversifying a variety of healthcare products. For 130 years, The Company’s elaborative vision and mission statement have aided its progress and provided it with a clear path of empowerment and development.

Johnson & Johnson makes annual revenue of $93.78 Billion.

Johnson & Johnson Mission Statement

“Bringing science and sense of sight to life through world-class innovation and customer experience.”

Johnson & Johnson uses “Credo” to elaborate on its mission statement. Credo refers to aims and beliefs that help the company make informed decisions and guide its actions. The mission statement and beliefs of the company reflect in the objectives, goals, programs, and actions.

The critical components of Johnson & Johnson’s mission statement are as follows.

Mission Statement Analysis

Johnson & Johnson’s leading ambition is to improve or upgrade customers’ quality of life using a wide range of products. The company focuses on creating excellent health-based products in many divisions. For this purpose, leading organization commits all its resources to finance health-based products.

Johnson & Johnson products fall under categories such as baby care, skin care, and oral care, all of which enable people to live better lives. It doesn’t end here, as the leading company is one of the most sought-after creators of medical devices for orthopedics, vision, and surgery.

The entire range of creative devices plays a crucial role in healthcare as it assists people in leading better lives. By making these invaluable products, Johnson & Johnson has become a prominent contributor to the healthcare improvement community.

The aim of Johnson & Johnson to work as a “world-class innovator” is also in the company’s mission statement. Johnson & Johnson’s is among the top-rated pharmaceutical companies today. 

  • Offering the Best Customer Experience

Improved customer experience is a crucial constituent of the company’s mission statement, signifying its inclusive approach to benefit the customers. It also shows that Johnson & Johnson’s impact isn’t limited to a specific niche. Johnson & Johnson offers 24/7 customer service to answer buyers’ questions, whether it pertains to the medical device collection or baby care product range.

The company makes significant efforts to expand its focus areas into developing and empowering the communities. The Credo of Johnson & Johnson illustrates its commitment to providing “give and care” via targeted programs such as comprehensive education sponsorship. Johnson & Johnson spreads these efforts worldwide.

In addition, the company is among the leading organizations that actively create a sustainable environment through excellent energy initiatives.

Johnson & Johnson Vision Statement

“To help people see better, connect better, live better.”

J&J’s clear, concise, and comprehensive vision statement proves that the leading organization values individuals’ unique capabilities. The vision is all about impacting lives with better products and solutions.  

Here is the analysis of Johnson & Johnson’s vision statement.

  • Providing Unique Experience with a Talented Workforce

The company was the project of innovative brothers – Johnson & Johnson. They knew and understood the potential of every individual to make a difference in the world.

This is why the company has been giving opportunities to many people with diverse talent and skills, such as Edith on Kuster, participating in the course. The vision statement also demonstrates Johnson & Johnson’s strength in pooling efforts of skilled individuals.

  • Sparking Creative Solutions

Johnson & Johnson’s combined efforts and ideas have enabled it to make a long-term impact with its innovative and creative products. The company’s forte is to design products to help people live and maintain a healthy life.

The drive to create innovative products that solve people’s problems is what helps J&J stand out. Today, the company is famous for its exceptional contribution in various areas in the medical or healthcare industry via its innovations.

J&J’s products have had an instrumental impact in combating different diseases.

Johnson & Johnson is a leading multinational company with branches in more than 60 countries worldwide. The company markets its products in different regions to maximize its reach and impact people’s health. This objective signifies the component “connect better” in the vision statement.

Johnson & Johnson Core Values

Johnson & Johnson’s Credo expressed aspiration and shared values it has to guide the workforce every day. The values create a foundation of J&J‘s strategic framework. The company not only supports its people when they’re working but also when they’re not. These are the two primary core values of Johnson & Johnson.


Johnson & Johnson Corporate Contributions Report shows how the activities and programs it supports help:

  • Improve and save the women and children’s lives
  • Strengthen the workforce in the healthcare industry
  • Prevent diseases in the susceptible population


Johnson & Johnson’s support and citizenship for sustainable workplace practices show its concern for employees and the community. The company is committed to:

  • Helping to world face major healthcare problems and challenges
  • Conserving resources to protect the environment
  • Practically conducting business to contribute to society

The company has always been promoting a healthy future through sustainable activities.

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