How to Start Your Own Property Business on a Low Budget

Many people who are interested in property have the desire to enter the industry, to start their own property business, but too often fail due to lack of funds, especially in times of credit crunch when buy-to-let mortgages are so expensive. . hard to come by.

But it can be done, and the best way to get started is to start a property rental business.

This can be achieved with very little capital.

A man I know, let’s call him Michael, started his own real estate business with less than fifty pounds in the bank.

He had a friend whose parents died around the same time and left home for their only son. They were divorced, separated, and both had their own property. Sales were slow at the time and although there was no unpaid mortgage on either house, the man wanted to see some money flowing into his account.

Michael had been considering starting a property rental business from home for some time and saw the opportunity. He jumped in and offered to rent out the house and he did, both leaving within a month.

Always keep your eyes and ears open to unexpected opportunities and catch them when they arise.

After that, he started his business by placing small card advertisements in shop windows, and asked his brother to put posters in his shop windows as well, then started calling property owners who advertised properties in local newspapers.

In his first month, he received six instructions to let property, managed to let four of them, and he was already on his way to building a full-time property business.

Of course there were some people who didn’t want to deal with him because he was a one man band, trading from home. He doesn’t have an expensive shop or office, and he doesn’t have a back-up team of highly trained and highly paid staff.

But he gets to the point by saying that because he’s only running a small business, he’ll be able to give a lot of personal attention to the owner and any property he’s ordered to leave.

Plus, it can offer landlords VAT-free fees, a big draw for depressed landlords, and there will always be enough of them to keep them busy, and their business growing.

You can do the same. Why not?

If you want to set up a real estate business, starting a real estate rental agency is an ideal way to get started, even if you only have minimal start-up capital.

Dubai Where to Invest in Property Business

Dubai is quite a brilliant place to invest in the property business due to its high quality infrastructure and no corporate or income taxes. Taking this into account, it is not surprising that Dubai offers investors a distinct and detailed value-added platform, making it ideal for investment.

Commercial Property Investment

It is a well-known fact that Dubai has very limited commercial investment properties. Therefore, investors and various investment experts are now considering commercial property in Dubai as a sound investment. And that’s where investing in the property business will provide great returns in the years to come.

Capital Bay at Business Bay Dubai

When it comes to where to invest in the property business, Capital Bay Dubai is a good place to start. Theoretically, this is a pretty brilliant project that is sure to be a huge hit among investors. Capital Bay consists of two 19-story towers, designed in such a way that they complement each other quite well. It also has state-of-the-art office space in addition to retail and recreational facilities.

Dubai Marina Star

If you want to invest in trial and error, choose Dubai Marina Star. Without a doubt, waterfront properties have always been a favorite hunting ground for the world’s elite and the same goes for Dubai Marina Star. If experts are to be believed, Dubai Marina Star is one of the largest and best waterfront developments in the world.

Amazing combination of beauty

The best part about Dubai Marina Star is that it provides a majestic blend of beauty and luxury living. Even better, it’s located in a prime location. In terms of features, Dubai Marina Star is a land plus 24-storey residential tower equipped with all modern amenities.

As already mentioned, Dubai Marina Star is planned in such a way that every apartment is guaranteed with stunning views of the Ocean, Marina and Gardens. In addition, each apartment at Dubai Marina Star demonstrates the highest standards and ideal use of space.