Why Study Business At University?

For some, choosing the most appropriate time to enroll in an MBA program is exceptionally difficult. Whereas the obvious decision is to start studying at a point in your career where an MBA is necessary in order to progress your career to the next level, of course the choice is never that simple.

For college undergraduates, the biggest question to be initially addressed is why are you heading straight through from your bachelor’s degree? Remember that some of the top programs in the UK will not even consider admitting students you have no work experience, and facing a job hunt with a brand spanking new MBA with little or no experience is going to be a considerably tougher challenge.

For the currently employed, an extra question to consider is not only when but also how? Will you continue working whilst studying for your MBA? Or perhaps you have the financial resources to quit your job and simply return to school full time? Will the MBA aid your career change or possibly hinder it should you have less time to work?

Lastly, we now have no choice but to consider the state of our current economy. Whilst many would deem the economic slowdown an ideal hedge opportunity to snap up a safe-haven qualification as opposed to facing the tough job market, the poor state of our economy is not exactly paving the way for students when it comes to lucrative job offers. MBA or no MBA, finding work is simply not an easy feat at the moment. Keep yourself up to date on the recruitment front by speaking to recruiters, and checking up on current trends on magazines and websites – obtaining an overall picture of the industry as a whole should be relatively easy.

There is however, a wealth of positives to studying Business. Not only do these qualifications provide you with an expansive overview of how the commercial world operates, they also cover the entire function range that can be applied to any sector or industry. In addition to quickly developing the essential transferable ‘soft’ skills that employers demand today, you can promptly build technical knowledge and skills.

This degree will also effectively teach you how to effectively communicate, strategies for time organisation, computer skills, problem solving a host of other valuable skills. MBA’s open up a vast array of opportunities within virtually any company ranging from sales positions, financial managers, insurance underwriters, buyers, marketing specialists, HR Managers right down to business owners.

Full time MBA’s are especially designed to boost your employability incorporating presentations, group work, independent projects, and business simulation activities. These are incredibly valuable pieces of evidence when demonstrating your skills to potential employers, enabling you fully start marketing your attributes.

Studying for your MBA in the heart of London places this exceptional management programme into a genuinely global context, an absolute essential when it comes to studying business. You will be part of a diverse cohort, taught by worldwide faculty in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world before being able to work in Poland during the Emerging Markets Consultancy week. A world of exposure to new business environments will be easily within your reach should you decide to bite the business bullet and go ahead with a full-time MBA.

Located in the heart of London’s financial district, Cass Business School is a leading provider of business and management education.